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Why vehicle tracking and telematics?

Telematics gives you more control over your vehicles and your business. You can see exactly where your vehicles are in real-time, help increase the security of your assets to prevent from theft and improve the safety of your workforce by easily seeing how they are driving.

Vehicle tracking and driver behaviour data for small and medium sized fleets

24/7 visibility of your vehicles, with reports on how well they are being driven, utilised and if they are where they should be. Simple to use web based software that can be accessed by PC, tablet or mobile app.

We provide vehicle trackers that can be professionally fitted or self-installed if you choose our  atom and OBD devices.

Buy self-install tracking online with 30% discount


Online sales only available for self-install device options that include atom and OBD.

Market-leading telematics software for large fleets or advanced needs

Kinesis Pro is  an advanced fleet reporting software that provides you with the detailed information you need to manage your vehicles, all in one place. It pulls data directly from the engine management system of the vehicle and links with most external data sources.

Create customs dashboards that show exactly what you want to see and choose who in the business sees what data. Set proactive alerts and reports that tell you what you need to know.

Get the complete picture with our vehicle cameras

Vehicle cameras with clear high definition footage. Kinesis vision shows you what your drivers are doing and see what they see. You can download footage to keep for future use.

With a forward facing, HD camera discreetly installed and tamper proof, you will be able to view clear footage of incident alerts to act quicker if a problem occurs.

Easy and effective asset tracking and protection

Easy to use battery powered asset tracking from Radius Telematics gives you greater control over valuable or essential business assets, helping you to manage them more efficiently and protect against loss and theft.

Our small and discreet devices, neon and neon+ can attach to or be hidden in almost anything, giving you location alerts as required.

Combined with powerful reporting software you gain stronger visibility of your asset’s whereabouts giving you greater control to achieve better operational efficiency within your business.