Dash cam ranges for vehicles and fleets of all sizes

  • Reduce insurance and claims costs
  • Instant video footage to keep your drivers protected
  • Forward-facing, dual-facing and multi-cam options
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Current offers

  • Remote HD Footage

    Vehicle Cameras

    Whats included:

    • – Front, Rear, In-Vehicle & 360 Camera Solutions
    • – Integrate with vehicle tracking devices to receive footage of excess speed and braking incidents
    • – Evaluate & train drivers on reducing the risk caused by unsafe driving behaviour
    • – Protect your business against fraudulent accident claims
    • – Discounts available on multiple device orders

    Starting from €19.50 per month*

    based on 48 month contract for dashcams

Why choose us?

  • Fewer accidents

    Use video insights to help train drivers, creating a safer workforce to reduce accidents and associated costs.

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    Lower insurance

    Insurance premiums and claims costs can be significantly reduced by introducing cameras to your vehicles.

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    Eliminate fraud

    Prevent bogus claims with accurate footage of incidents and prove you weren’t at fault.

  • Protect drivers

    Provide drivers with the reassurance their journeys are recorded, keeping them safer on the roads.

Vehicle tracking offers

There is also a great range of offers available for vehicle tracking

Forward-facing dash cams

Compact front-facing dash cams with clear HD footage of the road ahead. Connection to the 4G network enables fast remote footage download in the event of an incident. That helps you to reduce driver liability. The cameras are also tamper-proof and have a wide-angle lens for increased visibility.

Dual-facing dash cams

Monitor the road ahead and the interior cab view of the driver, giving you complete visibility of what is going on in, and ahead of, your vehicle. The footage can prove invaluable if any of your drivers end up in an accident that isn’t their fault. It can also help to improve driver behaviour through ongoing video-supported coaching.

Multi-cam system

Multi-cam systems ensure critical areas around your vehicles are accessible and recorded, giving you and your drivers complete visibility of pedestrians and other road users. Tailored solutions can be made that are specific to the company and the vehicle to ensure each important viewing angle is captured. Multiple cameras can also be integrated with telematics for complete vehicle information.

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