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Our EV charge cards allow you to pay at thousands of public charge points and diesel or petrol stations. You can also use our Radius EV app to plan where to charge in advance or find the nearest charge point while on the road.

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    Your trusted partner for the transition to driving electric.

    We will give you the professional advice you need to make your purchase with absolute peace of mind.

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    Clever technology that’s simple and easy to use

    We constantly adopt technological innovations to always offer the newest and best products and services for your EV charging solution.

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    Competitive prices and flexible payment options

    We offer high-quality charge points and charging services at consistently competitive prices

DCI One Rev

Your employees can use their DCI One Rev cards for EV charging, diesel and petrol, making it easy to keep your business vehicles on the go no matter how far they travel. You can customise your cards by choosing which fuel types your employees can buy and even change your choices at any time.


Radius EV App

Plan your journey beforehand without going off route to find a charge point or find the nearest charge point to charge your vehicle on the go.
View live information while en route. That includes charge point locations, prices, charging speed, branded networks and if charge points are available or occupied.
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